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PALACE Single Part Super-Flex Adhesive

PALACE Single Part Super-Flex Adhesive
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  • PALACE Single Part Super-Flex is a cement-based adhesive, with a high level of built-in polymer making it suitable for fixing all types of ceramic floor and wall tiles, including mosaics, porcelain and vitrified tiles onto some of the most difficult surfaces in internal & external situations where slight movement or vibration is likely. The product is mixed with water only and is suitable for fixing onto timber panels, plywood, composite boards as well as tongue and groove floorboards, floating plywood floors and also where sub-floor heating is installed. PALACE Single Part Super-Flex fast-setting properties allow foot traffic & grouting to proceed just 4 hours* after fixing. Conforms to EN 12004 C2 FTE-S2 *Dependant on temperature

    • Polymer fortified powder, mixes only with water
    • Allows fixing to WBP plywood & heated floors
    • Will tolerate slight movement & vibration
    • Suitable for Tongue & Groove floorboards
    • Can be used on stabilised floating floors
    • Mixes easily to a smooth, easy to apply paste
    • Available in white or grey

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