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UniBase Bronze

UniBase Bronze
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    • Longer-lasting flooring - UniBase Bronze gives your floor covering the perfect level of support, to protect it from excess wear and even high impact damage – all of which helps your floor look good for longer!
    • Lightening the load - the ultra lightweight polyethylene foam material makes UniBase Bronze so easy to lift and manoeuvre…you won’t believe just how much time and effort that can save you on every installation.
    • Faster fitting - there’s no wasting time with UniBase Bronze – it’s not only a lightweight to lift and move around, but really easy to cut and install so you can get on with the job.

    100% recyclable closed cell polyethylene foam means that when you use UniBase, you’re being kinder to the environment in the long run.

    UniBase gives you less clearing up to do afterwards, as it’s dust free and so cleaner and easier to install.

    QAU-UBB-01 Size 1m x 10m (10m2) / Thickness 2mm

    QAU-UBB-02 Size 1m x 15m (15m2) / Thickness 2mm

    QAU-UBB-03 Size 1m x 15m (15m2) / Thickness 3mm

    QAU-UBB-04 / Size 1m x 25m (25m2) / Thickness 2mm

    QAU-UBB-05 / Size 1m x 120m (120m2) / Thickness 2mm

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